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Jesse Lége & Joel Savoy
Live at Glen Echo

Jesse Lége & Joel Savoy with Bayou Brew; live at Glen Echo ballroom. This collaboration of two of the greatest names in contemporary Cajun music will get you on your feet. Truly destined to be one of the greatest Cajun dance CD's in recent memory, Jesse, Joel and the Brew rock one of the most famous dance halls in the northeast. Don't miss it!

  • Madeline
  • Valse de Prison
  • Cajun from Church Point
  • Let Me Stay in Your Arms
  • Follow Me
  • The Hicks Wagon Wheel Special
  • J'aimerais Connaitre
  • Blues de Bosco
  • Jealousy Waltz
  • La Derniére Fois
  • The Mamou Hot Step
  • Viens me Chercher
  • P'tits Yeux Noir
  • Une Bamboche Trop Tard
  • Catch My Hat
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Jesse Lege & the Southern Ramblers
Jesse teams up with Joel Savoy, Bobby Michot & Eric Frey as the new Southern Ramblers.
Jesses years of playing music add the history and tradition to the enthusiasm and new styles of Joel , Bobby and Eric round out their sound.
This CD is a dancers delight

  • Le Bayou Noir
  • La Valse de la Vie Malheureuse
  • The Evangeline Playboy Special
  • La Valse de L'amour Arachee
  • Je T'aime Tourjours
  • La Valse de Sepration
  • Ramble On
  • La Valse de St. Landry
  • The Sundown Playboy Special
  • La Valse de L'annee Passee
  • Runner Special
  • Creole Stomp
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Jesse Lege & Edward Poullard
Live at the Isleton Crawdad Festival

Jesse Lege & Edward Poullard, two of the greatest names in traditional Louisiana dance hall music, join up for some great Cajun music. The Isleton Crawdad Festival is the backdrop for this wonderful performance with Edward on fiddle and Jesse on accordion.

Available at Arhoolie Records

  • Quo Faire
  • Tolan Waltz
  • New Crowley Two Step
  • Ma Femme Et Mes Enfants
  • Won't Be Satisfied
  • Vals De La Belle
  • Misery Two Step
  • Klfy Waltz
  • Fe Fe Poncho
  • Viens Me Chercher
  • Waltz Of No Return
  • Saturday Night Special
  • Zydeco Sont Pas Sale
Mack Manuel & Jesse Lége and the
Lake Charles Ramblers

Memories Du Passé
In what might be one of the greatest Cajun dance CDs of all time, Jesse Lége & Mack Manuel and the Lake Charles Ramblers in the album that defined Louisiana dance hall music.
One can almost hear the creaking of the floor as dancers circle and sway to legendary Cajun two-steps and waltzes. This is a MUST HAVE for any Cajun music collector.

Available at Amazon.Com
  • Amedee Two-Step
  • Marie Listen
  • Chere Be Be
  • Mémoires Dans Mon Coeur
  • Allons a Lafayette
  • Pour la Dernier Fois
  • Lake Charles Two-Step
  • Valse de Balfa
  • Valse de Quatre-Vigt-Dix-Neuf Ans
  • Special du Club Soixante-Treize
  • Trop Jeune Pour Se Marier
  • J'Ennuie de Toi
  • Flammes d'Enfer
  • Chere 'Tee Mon
  • Johnny Peut Pas Danser
Jesse Lege
& the Southern Ramblers

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Barry Ancelot, professor of Cajun culture at the University of Louisiana, writes, "Jesse Lége has developed into one of the great vocalists of contemporary Cajun music. His penetrating style and emotion-laden lyrics can make veteran festival producers such as this one weep backstage. And the band rocks with the power of crossovers here. This is the real stuff, straight and undiluted."

Available at Floyd's Records
  • Louisiana Aces Special
  • La Valse De Gueydan
  • Les Zydeco Son Pas Sale
  • Moi J'la Blame Pas
  • Tante Adelle
  • Un Place Tout Mis
  • Le Stomp Creole
  • La Valse De Prison
  • Le Deux Pas De Choupique
  • La Valse De Famille
  • Le Nouveau Deux Pas De Crowley
  • La Valse De Evangeline
  • Fais Do Do Bebe
  • Le Deux Pas De Midland
  • La Valse De Lawtell
  • Le Deux Pas De Perrodin
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